Jay Kaufman, is a seasoned DJ/producer from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada who met with us to share his story about how he became a DJ, what it takes to run a night club, his opinion about the dramatic changes in the DJ industry that have been happening over the past 5 years and how to sustain your DJ career.

Jay, please tell us how you became passionate about music?

At age of 5 I was a weird kid. I preferred ‘The White Album’ by the Beatles when other kids were listening to Raffi; Sharon, Lois and Bram and other children’s musicians.   The ‘White Album’ stemmed from when the Beatles were doing loads of the drug acid.  This was quite different to the music most kids my age were listening to at the time.  As a result, I asked my parents to buy me music more in the vein of that type of stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I still listened to Raffi too – but I was more into the Beatles and the Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ album!

The Beatles must have come from your parents…

 My Mom is a singer and music always played a prominent role in our house. She was into Pet Shop Boys, Hall & Oates, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, etc. I grew up listening to a lot of synth-based 1980s music. She also used to make fitness tapes because she taught fitness classes and was always making mix tapes, so she frequently bought new music.  I often sat in our rec room just listening to the music she would select – which was always uptempo to help her students work off the calories.  I guess that’s where my love of dance music came from.  It wasn’t long before I started to buy records and tapes that I heard on the radio. When I was in Grade 6 I started to DJ class dances and started DJing off of double tape decks.

Years later, she would ask me to make those same tapes!

How did it work?

At the time there were two tape decks: one to play and another prepare the next set of songs to play. Soon enough I got two of my own turntables, a DJ mixer and started DJing high school dances, weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc. – you name it I’ve DJed it!

What was your stage name?

Loop Dokter.  Stage names were a big thing then so I came up with something ridiculous.  I obviously don’t use that anymore!

What is your inspiration?

Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Depeche Mode, New Order, etc. got me into electronic music.  Groups like Public Enemy, Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest, etc. got me into hip hop – which is what I started out DJing when I went professional.

How you define electronic music?

Electronic music is created with use of technology. Even rock bands do that now. There are many different genres of electronic music that I couldn’t even begin to figure them all out.

What is your DJ setup like now?

I use the Ableton Live software to mix music. It figures out the BPM and allows you to manipulate tracks on the fly like no other piece of technology I’ve ever come across.  It basically allows me to remix tracks in real-time.  20 years ago when I started DJing the DJ would just mix two records together and perhaps scratch if they were a hip hop DJ.  The same technology that I bicker about has enabled me to do things that I would have never thought possible!  Now the line in between DJ and producer these days is very blurry.  Everyone has access to practically the same music at the touch of a button now, so it’s more about how you play the music and make it your own that makes you stand out.

So your transition to professional DJ must have been quite smooth

It was quite natural, yes. When I was 17 I got residency at a local night club called ‘The Lyric’ in Kitchener. I also got residency at gay club that was called XTC.  At the same time, the rave scene was also booming so I started throwing raves in various clubs and warehouses when I was 18. Then I went away to Brock University in St Catharines I ran a successful night club there for 3 years.

What it’s like to run a Club?

It’s all about marketing! You can play shittiest music, but as long as there are people in your club and they want to go there, it will do just fine.  10 years ago in a small town that involved a lot of flyering and word of mouth.   That has obviously changed with the Internet!  You still have to do the marketing, but the methods in which you do it have changed.  Back then, flyer distribution was expensive, so for every weekly party we threw, I spent at least 10-15 hours distributing flyers.  The venue that I used in St. Catharines was called Gord’s Place and was more of a mod/goth-type venue – so I had to help rebrand it on a Thursday night that was getting 10 people out over the course of the entire night!  I also had to create all of flyers in Corel Draw for every party – this was before Photoshop was known – so I had to learn a little about graphic design and computers.  The Internet was in its infancy, so most of the work was through word-of-mouth and going to other similar events and handing out flyers.  Being a promoter requires you have to be a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type of person.  You need to be able to administer, promote, market, know people, and do everything possible to keep profits high and cost margins low.  I’ve always found the best promoters are the ones who do most of the work themselves.  The nights those type of people throw are usually better because they’ve poured so much work into it. 

Gord’s Place opened up a lot of doors for me in the way of booking because it was so close to the United States border.  As a result, I left school to DJ and ‘live the dream’ because I was able to make a living from it for a while.  I have DJed all over North America – Montana, Upstate NY, Miami, etc. I made good money and used that money to invest in a studio and I started making my own music.

What type of music was your first record?

It was Progressive House.  Most of it was made with a few keyboards and a computer.  I put my first record ‘The Fear’  in October 2001 under a UK label by the name of Sonambulist Recordings. You can probably still find it at http://www.discogs.com.

Where are you currently selling?

Now I am mainly sell my music through digital download sites like Beatport .

How did the distribution model work?

The record label used to own copyright for few years and then I would own it after. They would dock money for manufacturing and give you some money upfront. When records are (hopefully!) sold, they take their cut and then after they deducted cost of manufacturing and distribution, you would get the rest. Now the manufacturing costs have gone down due to sites like iTunes, Beatport, DJ Download, etc., but the time spent marketing your music has increased dramatically to make sure it gets noticed!  With the advent of the Internet, so much music is easily released at the click of a button without much quality control, so you have to find ways to make your music stand out in every way possible.

So it must be a very hard business?

Now, you can’t sell music. Period! With digital, everyone thinks music is a free commodity. Now you compete against people who are not as skilled, but they believe they are.  As a result the market has become much more saturated.  When I used to get sent music for promotional reasons, the record label would need to pay for postage, the manufacturing of the record, mastering of the record, a marketing campaign and so forth.  In order to do that you needed at least have some money and an investment in your product.  Now the overhead for music is so low that it reduces the risk factor of releasing something to the point where supply is greater than demand.

I hate to sound like a grandfather, but back in the 1990s I also had a radio show called ‘Technocracy’ on CFBU 103.7FM – which was Brock University’s radio station.  At that time out of 20 records sent to me, typically 10 were good.  The labels were smart. They targeted people they knew would love their style of music.  Now with e-mail I get 100 tracks per day from all over the world – including places like Ulaan Bator in Mongolia.  Out of that stuff, I’m lucky if maybe 10 of them are good!  Even the sound quality of the recordings has deteriorated!  You don’t hear music that sounds as good sonically as before when people spent a lot of time mastering music.  The mp3 in which things are sent out is an inferior format in my opinion.  The compression in mp3s lops off a lot of the warmth that is heard in a vinyl recording – or at least to my oldschool ears.

House music from Mongolia?!

Yes, they have their own house music scene there too.  I’m sure it’s a small scene, but it exists!  Even forbidding places like Tehran in Iran have a very underground (and very illegal) house music scene.  The proliferation of the Internet has made the spread of electronic music possible in places like that, so it’s not all doom and gloom!  In fact, some of the best places in the world club-wise are where the music would have never reached before without the Internet.  Places like Eastern Europe, China, South America and so on are great because while the West has had this music for so long, these places find it all very fresh and new.  I find people from these countries are much more receptive to electronic music than the established Western market.  People in North America don’t really care much for electronic music now because it’s an ‘old fad’.  They’d much rather hear Lady GaGa or someone similar in a club.  It’s sad, but true.  The underground now exists in places that politics didn’t allow it to exist before the Internet.

What are the marketing trends nowadays?

Now they do what’s called ‘Payola’.  Record companies have always done this to some extent, but now it’s even more prevalent.  The major label record companies give gifts to radio station managers to play their stuff. I can only imagine how much product those guys (and women too) receive every day.  When I say product, I mean just that.  Major labels are a money-making enterprise, so they typically don’t see music as a love or art form.  For them it’s just a product to be pushed so that the masses will consume it – and hopefully, buy it too!  Instead of buying CDs, record labels are getting smart and seeing to it that their artists get exposure on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.  They’re licensing music to commercials or TV shows like ‘The Hills’ where the artist is clearly displayed on the screen while the song plays.  Ring tunes are also a HUGE market too! 

While the marketing has evolved, I still think people struggle with the concept of good music.  The amount of music available on Internet, which is usually free (whether legally or illegally obtained), makes it impossible to stay on top of things.  If you’re just starting to get into a genre, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack to land upon something you like.  Sites like http://www.last.fm help change that by making suggestions through software.  Apple has also gotten smart with their Genius software that does similar things in iTunes.  Most of the average music listeners out there don’t seek out music too heavily.  They like what they hear in popular culture because it’s readily available.  Now, I am at the point where I am happier when someone listens to my music – even if it’s for free – than not listening to it at all.  I never started making music to make money, but when you spend 40 hours in the studio working on one track, I think you should be duly compensated for your time.  Also, buying software, keyboards, etc. also costs a lot of money.  The end user just doesn’t see how much money it actually costs to make music.

So the music industry is dead?

The industry as I knew it is done!  Now you need to be very creative.  You need to go out on tour.  If you’re a DJ, you need to produce and market yourself on the Internet as much as possible.  You need a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, MySpace, Facebook, etc.  You also need a personal assistant to keep on top of it all!  Haha. 

Even then there are no guarantees.  If you are 5 piece band for example, you need to continuously perform to stay afloat.  My cousin is in a band called ‘The Most Serene Republic’  that was nominated for a Juno Award – and even they are struggling money-wise.  I am just one person.  He has to split the profits of the band 6 ways or something crazy like that.  He has to work at CTV off tour to make it happen. 

There are still several ways to make it – cell phone ringtones and licensing to videogames, commercials, movies, TV shows and anywhere you can make a buck getting your music out there all help.  It’s just become that much more difficult because everyone has a piece of the pie now.  That’s good because the opportunity for everyone to become noticed has increased, but you just have to figure out ways to make yourself unique and stand out.  Guys like Deadmau5 have succeeded in doing that by making a brand out of himself through putting a face on extremely faceless dance music.  He has a Styrofoam mouse-head mask that makes him instantly memorable.  Richard Branson’s label Virgin Records recently signed him to a million-dollar-plus deal, so it is still possible for people.  I doubt he’d have had that opportunity without the Internet and how he used it to become well-known.

Where your career takes you now?

Now I have a publisher who is trying to promote my music.  It’s run by an old friend from my vinyl record days by the name of Barry Gilbey.  He runs Voodoo Toddler in Sheffield, UK. The whole point of publisher is to try gain your music wider exposure and recognition – and hopefully make some money too – through licensing your music to commercials, movies, etc.  Hopefully all of my years spent in a studio slugging away will start to quite literally, pay dividends!

I want to keep a full time job and have music as a professional hobby.  I’m back in school for Network Administration – which is a skill I’ve picked up after spending all of those years getting a studio tan making music on computers!  I still DJ here and there and I’d like to score a film some day, but right now the music industry as it stands has made me very cautious.  It’s become just that much more difficult to make a living and I’m at a point in my life where I need a steady income.  I also want to settle down a bit more and have a family, so the music industry isn’t exactly conducive to someone with a wife and young children.  Music will always be a part of my life, but perhaps not in the way it has been in the past.  I guess in a way I’ve grown up.  It’s either that or I’ve just become wiser.  I’d like to say wiser instead of bitter, but I think it’s a bit of everything, really…

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And here it goes… another night before clubbing – preparation. For people who club a lot, it could be quite a dilemma to pick something new and interesting from the closet. You end up standing and staring at the dress rack and thinking “Hmm… what can I do to add my look a new edge?”. Answer lies in ACCESSORIES. Yes, these little things can make a dramatic impact on how you look and give you that festive boost so necessary for a fun night. Plus, you want to stand out from the crowd, right?

Here are few things to consider:

–          Colourful shoes.  Whether heels or not, wearing bright colors such as pink, yellow, gold, silver, green, red with your favourite jeans or skirts will add party mood to your look. Black is Ok if you wear very bright clothing, but it won’t be noticed if it is on shoes. Go for color and remember, if you buy new – get covered toes to protect your pedicure and have color stand out.

–          Cute clutches. Little clutch is not only very functional, so you don’t need to worry about having your belongings close to you, but also, it is very pretty. When buying one, get something dazzling. You most likely won’t use it during the day anyway since it might be a bit too small for your wallet, hairbrush, cosmetics, photo camera, book etc. It will however be perfect for a club – all your small items (ID, cash, car key, hm J yes and that too….)  will fit in perfectly.

–          Hats. This is my favourite. You don’t have to wear it every time of course, but make sure you have a few different hats in your wardrobe. Romantic beret, elegant fedora or playful cocktail hat will complete your look and make you stunning.

–          Scarves. With many celebrities wearing scarves on any occasion and popularising them immensely over the past few years, you won’t go wrong from having your own collection. These very inexpensive pieces of accessory will make any of your most simple garment look dressy and unrecognisably fresh. Go for color, pattern, sparkle or even ethnic – have them all to go with the mood and party scale of the night.

–          Jewellery. Ok, I know, this is not for everybody. Chunky bracelets, massive earrings and long necklaces look really beautiful, but when it comes to really putting it on you may be not that excited. Well… when you feel that way, remember, these items will get you the most compliments, after the hat of course. Choose one nice accessory that completes your overall look and go for it. It will add festivity and mood to a party night.

Other items to consider are belts that will add style to simple dress and jeans; light shaded sunglasses will add celebrity look; broche will make your plain color jacket or top look more eveningish.

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First time in my life I visited Wine Bar in New York few years ago. Although name speaks for itself, wine bars are more than just bars that serve wine. In most cases, they exclusively serve wine for drinks, and also very yummy appetizer food.  Often there will be quite loud music, very dark lightning and because of rather small size you will experience home like atmosphere. Wine bars feel very cozy, and after few glasses of well selected wine, you will feel content.

The concept of wine bar is gaining popularity because of great business model. Wine has high margin and appetizer food does not require gourmet chef. Interior design tends to be simpler and size of the venue not large. If marketing was done right, wine bar will be packed even during the week. Wine bars also tend to attract regulars, people returning from work, friends meeting for a chat and also couples, coworkers etc. On the other hand, wine bars suit very large age category and status. High survival rate means growing trend. Some business owners switch to wine bars or open wine bar in addition to the restaurant business.

Historically wine bars have been popular in Europe since 18th century starting from Southern France, widely spreading across all central Europe throughout 19th century. It is part of a culture to drink wine in France and at the beginning such establishments were more for aristocrats or at least for not masses. With invention of beer and import of coffee, pubs and coffee shops took over mainly due to price. In United States wine bars started to appear in 1980s and since have been spreading in large metropolitan cities. In Canada you will see wine bars mainly in Montreal but still, very few in Toronto. Bars, restaurants and coffee shops still outnumber wine counterparts by much.

I personally love the concept and recommend everyone to at least try. It is a great place to relax at before or after the dinner, great place to socialize and even meet new people.

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We have been hitting a lot of clubs lately and over time came to a very interesting realization – 70% of all people who go out are single! In fact it appears that sole purpose of going out, to night clubs specifically, is to get a partner. Girls come to pick guys, guys come to pick girls, or guys to pick guys, girls pick girls. By “picking” I mean, pick as a short-term or long-term partner. Almost no people come with what it seems a partner – boyfriend or girlfriend. And those who are not alone are often at early state of the relationships.

Is it that after we hook up with somebody, we no longer like to dance to loud music with couple of drinks?

One reason could be because when people are not very close, clubbing atmosphere takes attention away from negative sides of appearance and personality. Unless you are a good observer, it is unlikely that you’ll learn a lot of depth about a character, career and even appearance of someone you just met in a club. Because of the lighting and fun music, you’ll likely be more attracted to that person. Girl will look at her best with all that makeup, cute little dress and high heels. Or at least she will pick her best clothing and make her hair so you’ll like it. Meet her on the street next day, you may be surprised what you see. Guys will likely have nice perfume and dress shoes on. If not, at least they will have their favourite clean shirt and smile on. Mood is also important. In club your mood is good. You have a few drinks, chat with friends and get into a playful mood which adds to impression of meeting new people.

And this all good, great in fact. But, what happens after you get closer to your partner. Why clubs is no longer cool? Good reasons are that you find entertainment in something less public – watching a movie together, go shopping, travelling. You will still go out, but more to lounge type of venues, restaurants, wine bars that let you concentrate more on talking and listening.

So, my conclusion is:  clubs  – perfect for dating, lounges and wine bars – for deep level of relationships, comedy clubs – for very long time relationships that need a boost hehehe…

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First, a few words about why links are important. If you have a website for your business or venue you most likely want people to find you on the net as often as possible. It is great if people know that you have a website and go there by typing your URL directly in the browser. But what if these people just came for a visit from out of town and Googled or Yahooed “best pub in Toronto for over 40 crowd” or “limousine service in Hamilton”? Is there a chance your website will come up in search results?

Most of search engines put you on the top of search results based on how much you paid for keywords or how many back links you have to your website from other relevant websites. The theory behind this is that Google and its peers think that the more people link to you (thus talk about you on the net) the more important you are. Everything is even more complicated as search engines like relevant links. If you are a DJ for example and someone back linked to you from their Shore Repair website or some completely irrelevant place this link won’t be considered by search giants. So, you need to have as many RELEVANT links as you can.

If you would like to learn more about link building, we recommend reading the Search Engine Watch magazine or starting with the Link Building 101 article. In a lot of cases businesses will cooperate with each other and exchange links. We at UtoldUs (http://www.utoldus.com) provide great relevant ways for you to build links to your website. Depending on your UtoldUs profile type you have different options for link building such as:

Night Clubs and Venues:

–         Put a link in the information section by clicking the Edit Information button on your profile. This is a good place to link to your website and related pages of your site such as bookings, schedule, movies etc.

–         Link to the VIP list, event page on your website, or just your website when creating event on the invitation card. When creating events on UtoldUs we give you an option to also name a link. Instead of the URL the name will appear on the card and if clicked will bring the user to the URL you set. Search engines like named links giving them more rankings. Don’t just name a link “Click Here”, name it “Lady Ga Ga Party Tickets”.

–         Link to promotion coupons or pages that talks about promotions at your venue on promotion cards. When creating a promotion give links a relevant name such as “Razz Club Promo Coupons” instead of just “Print Coupon Here”.

Professionals and Businesses:

–         Put a link on your profile by clicking on Edit Information button. Clickable link will appear beside Website label on your page.

–         Create links in the Samples section on your profile. These could be links to specific pages of your portfolio. If you are a web designer it could be links to your client websites that you created. If you are a promoter, these could be links to events on your client website. Link to your blog, specific blog articles, twitter, facebook … be creative, there are many places you can link to. Your clients will appreciate it and you will get more traffic to your website. We ask you to give links a name so it appears on the page instead of the entire URL. Search engines like named links giving them more ranking. Don’t just name a link “My blog”, name it “Mark Smith’s Blog”.

–         Link to the VIP list, events page on your website, or just your website when creating event on the invitation card. Event links, similar to sample links can have a name, so be creative with that to maximize link effectiveness. Name it “DJ Bono Party Tickets” instead of just “Click here for tickets”

We are open to more ideas about what other link building tools we can create on UtoldUs. E-mail us or comment on this article and we will be happy to have a discussion.

Read more on why Clubs should join UtoldUs.

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Some people ask if UtoldUs is a dating site. The answer to this is that we do not promote it as a dating site, but it does have all the functionality to let users find a date, true love, marriage or just a party buddy. So, UtoldUs could be a great dating tool and if you have found luck here, we would love to hear about that.

Many people like to have some way to break the ice to talk to person that they never met before. The say “Hi” feature will be helpful. You can first say Hi and then see how the other person responds. Then you can try to add a person as your party buddy. We recommend you change the text of the party buddy invite to appear more unique and caring.

UtoldUs datingYou also can search for potential friends via Member Search. There are lots of options in advanced search and you can choose location, age, what music, lifestyle and party places preferences you would want your new friend to have.

Each profile will also hopefully have a photo and more information filled in about the person such as going out habits in addition to lifestyle.

Some people also like looking through fan lists of clubs they are going out to. Chances are you can meet other fans there and might as well become their party buddy on UtoldUs. Can you imagine how much easier it will be to have a first face to face conversation if you both are on UtoldUs and fans of the same club!

Be polite, proactive, nice and you will find your date. Try your luck and let us know how it’s going.

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If you are a night club, lounge, party bar, wine bar, pub, sports bar, comedy club or any other venue that is in the night entertainment business, UtoldUs Club Memberships is for you. Here are the benefits:

 –         Get exposure for your Venue on the Web. Even if you are already a member of similar networks, you should still join UtoldUs. The more exposure you have the more popular you are.

–         Deliver news to your fans in a cutting edge way. Since you are not likely to send flyers and direct e-mail to people who visit you at night because you don’t know who these people are, UtoldUs takes care of your communication channel by creating a direct bridge between you and your customers.

–         Get more fans. As people explore our site and become party buddies of each other, they will see your club on their fan list and add themselves to it too. In addition once you register, all party buddy and professional members in your city will receive automatic notification that you are now a member.

–         Make announcements about events and promotions in the most effective way. With one click of a button all your fans will receive news about events and promotions. They will then share them with other buddies and keep spreading the news.

–         Increase searchability of your own web site on the net by creating inbound links to your site. As you may know, to become more searchable on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others, inbound links from other sites is a key. UtoldUs has multiple ways to create inbound links through our features, thus giving you ways to advertise your own website.

–         Recruit good people. On UtoldUs you can post employment opportunities at your club and everyone, even non-members can see it. You can also take advantage of UtoldUs communication tools to interact with Business & Professional members to do business with them. You can get a lot of information about them from our site.

–         Sustain your “cutting edge” image by becoming our member. You customers are now using Internet to communicate with their friends and through UtoldUs they can now communicate with you. Membership is free. Our site is very easy to use and takes literally minutes to set up.

–         Have some fun. UtoldUs’ sole purpose is to give people a way to have more fun. More fun communicating, more fun going out, more fun marketing your venue. Don’t take everything too serious, work can be fun too!

Sign up and start playing!

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If you are in business as DJ, promoter, dancer, live band, web site designer, security firm, interior design firm, construction company, marketing company, inventory management, cleaning services, liquor supply and any other business that works with clubs or wants to work with clubs then the Professional Profile is the one to go with. Benefits:

 –         Promote your business among the companies that you are doing business with. UtoldUs is a professional nightlife network for clubs and any other venues that are in the nightlife entertainment industry. They are here to look for people and hire people. You should join or you’ll miss the opportunity.

–         Get more exposure among your fans and friends for your business. Your fans are often not necessarily your customers. They can be just buddies of your business and know you from family, friends and your past professional life. UtoldUs gives them a chance to support you by becoming your UtoldUs Party Buddy and spreading news about you. 

–         Earn credibility among your future employers. At UtoldUs you can leave testimonials about clubs and clubs can leave testimonials about you. When clubs see good reviews about your business from their colleagues, they get thrilled… we don’t have to explain why this is good. Do we?

–         Create a real web page about your business in minutes. UtoldUs is very easy and fast to use. If you don’t have a website, you can have one right now by registering and putting all the relevant content about your business. Also, you can find some web designers on our site that can build an awesome site for you! If you have a website, read the next point.

–         Increase searchability of your website on the net. As we already told you earlier, inbound links is a key to gain success on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. UtoldUs gives you multiple ways to create inbound links to your own web site, thus increasing your searchability on the net.

–         Promote your business events. On UtoldUs you can create events and invite fans. Everyone visiting your page will also see your events and be able to share them with others. More people know about your events, more people come, isn’t it what you want when you create events?

–         Have some fun. UtoldUs is built to entertain not only your customers and fans, but also you! You should join and have fun communicating and marketing your business.

Sign up and start playing!

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Ok, do you like to party or do you not? UtoldUs will make it so you like to party. At least, you will get a chance to see how others party. Here are other benefits:

–         Support your favorite clubs, bars, pubs, lounges, wine bars, etc. They join this site so they can become closer to you. They work hard for you and exist to create entertaining experience for you. By joining and adding them to your fan lists you support them by increasing their popularity on our lists.

–         Discover new places in your city and cities you visit. At UtoldUs you can learn more than just the fact that club exists in location of you interest. You can discover a lot fun facts about clubs and be more confident when going to party there such as what kind of people you can meet, how to get in, what are the rules, environment, music, atmosphere etc.

–         Be first to know about events and promotions your favorite clubs organize. There is nothing wrong about being the first to know is there?

–         Meet new friends that share same interest. You can learn more about people who go out to the same clubs as you. You can make new friends, party buddies, relationships, marriages, list goes on. UtoldUs is a real social network that promotes face to face communication and you should take advantage of that.

–         Get jobs and build your career. Yes, UtoldUs is not only for partying. You can actually be first to know about jobs our member clubs post. You can know more about your prospect employer and show that you support them when you hang out on our site.

Sign Up now and start playing!

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