Las Vegas – Bar Paradise

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Drinking, Travel, UtoldUs Bars

Las Vegas – truly The Meadows of partying, gambling, entertainment, drinking and most importantly for many – of clubbing. Whether you are just out of college or about to celebrate your 60th birthday Las Vegas clubs see no difference. Just walk in to one of the party places and you will see people of all ages and business status. And most clubs certainly have good news for girls – free entry and even free drinks during the happy hour. Bars and lounges in Las Vegas is a whole different topic. With many people coming for business these venue types are most suitable for formal, informal or casual time and money spending. Here are some places that we hit during our business trip:

Centrifuge (MGM Grand Hotel & Casino) – casual social bar that occasionally features dancing barmen. Place is located inside the hotel dividing MGM Grand and West Wing. While sitting inside perfectly round bar you will enjoy view onto the Lion Habitat and MGM’s Casino.

West Wing Bar (MGM Grand Hotel & Casino) – very red inside bar creates atmosphere of surreal and edgy time being where you will quickly forget why you even came there. Bar is great but only one comment – music during the day would be nice too.

Zuri (MGM Grand) is a great place to make a break from gambling and hardcore walking through the strip. While being a bar, this place has few snacks and is of a higher scale than Centrifuge. You will enjoy comfortable seating and walking wait staff.

CentrifugeBrand Lounge (Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino) is a stylish lounge overlooking Monte Carlo’s grand casino. Great place for casual, business and even formal, in Las Vegas terms, gatherings. Also the lounge is highly recommended for pre-party, pre-dinner drinks for only $3 per drink between 5-7 pm. In Las Vegas drinks are averaging $12, so Brand Lounge has certainly won our “favourite drinking hub” vote.

The Pub (Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino) is fun during day and night. It is not uncommon to see live performers at noon in this contemporary and very well designed pub. Very much in Monte Carlo style, beautiful and grand with creative beer barrel wall installation, pub also offers a variety of tasty food, burgers, sandwiches and appetizers.

The Deuce Lounge (Aria Hotel & Casino) is worth visiting as much as this newly built hotel that opened its doors in early 2010. As everything else in this 5 star hotel, Deuce Lounge provides modern, chic and sophisticated feel. With fantastic wood interior you will enjoy both business and casual meeting.

Union (Aria Hotel & Casino) very much like The Deuce Lounge, is a modern high class lounge with sophisticated menu Bar Vdaraand rich design. Spider net wooden panels make a statement and attract crowd to this lounge for a meal, drink or both.

City Bar (Aria Hotel & Casino) is busy day and night guaranteeing you fun drink and relaxation during the hottest Las Vegas day. Although prices may seem a bit high, remember it is a 5 star hotel… you won’t be disappointed by service and atmosphere.

Silk Road (Vdara Hotel & SPA) is a prime spot at the newly opened (2010) hotel Vdara adjacent to now reputable Aria. Its astounding design demonstrates fantasy and talent of the most unconstrained interior artists. Wavy panels and translucent light create a true Las Vegas feel that is worth exploring.

Bar Vdara (Vdara Hotel & SPA) is a busy spot even during the day. You will not be disappointed by modern, plant & aqua inspired design and friendly bar staff. Grab a martini or two in this bar and forget about any troubles. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, remember?

Sensi (Bellagio) is a resto-lounge that has put huge accent on food. Definitely a place to go for a formal dinner or just a good quality dinner. But, please, don’t limit yourself to food only. Wine, martini, cocktails are an absolute must in this fancy spot.

Yellowtail (Bellagio) is a Japanese Lounge for sake lowers. Like anything in Bellagio this place is chic with very good food and Japanese style drinks. If you get seats overlooking the fountain after 10 pm you can also expect unique entertainment of Bellagio Music Fountains show. Instead of standing in the crowd outside why not grab a drink at Yellowtail and enjoy the view in much comfortable way?

Are there any bars that we missed? Which ones are your favourites?

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