The Fun Factor

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Dating, UtoldUs Party Buddies

Long term relationshipsMost people already know how to break an ice with a potential date and achieve first meeting but many still have a challenge of holding on to relationship and turning it into something mid-term at least. What can you do to be liked? What can you do to meet again, again and again?

Ask yourself few questions first:

  1. What qualities you would want your long term partner to have?
  2. Why even have a long term partner?

Chances are some of the answers had something along the lines “It is important that he/she has common interests with me ” or “I need someone to spend good time with” or even “I would love to have someone I can have fun with”.

Now ask yourself the next question:

What may scare you off from meeting him/her again?

Chances are that you would put “He was too boring” or even  “She said she wants kids and get married”.

As you see it all comes down to how much fun you had. Fan factor is imperative in building relationships from zero. If you had fun with that person, how good looking or well educated or wealthy the other person is, all comes down in priorities. In fact way too often people end up together when they have completely different  build in mind when imagining their perfect partner. If you are trying to create a relationship during your first date try to avoid your problems, marriage, kids, future plans topics and concentrate on your hobbies, things you would love to do together, favourite food, music and interests.

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