Wine Bars Gaining Popularity

Posted: March 16, 2010 in UtoldUs Businesses & Professionals

First time in my life I visited Wine Bar in New York few years ago. Although name speaks for itself, wine bars are more than just bars that serve wine. In most cases, they exclusively serve wine for drinks, and also very yummy appetizer food.  Often there will be quite loud music, very dark lightning and because of rather small size you will experience home like atmosphere. Wine bars feel very cozy, and after few glasses of well selected wine, you will feel content.

The concept of wine bar is gaining popularity because of great business model. Wine has high margin and appetizer food does not require gourmet chef. Interior design tends to be simpler and size of the venue not large. If marketing was done right, wine bar will be packed even during the week. Wine bars also tend to attract regulars, people returning from work, friends meeting for a chat and also couples, coworkers etc. On the other hand, wine bars suit very large age category and status. High survival rate means growing trend. Some business owners switch to wine bars or open wine bar in addition to the restaurant business.

Historically wine bars have been popular in Europe since 18th century starting from Southern France, widely spreading across all central Europe throughout 19th century. It is part of a culture to drink wine in France and at the beginning such establishments were more for aristocrats or at least for not masses. With invention of beer and import of coffee, pubs and coffee shops took over mainly due to price. In United States wine bars started to appear in 1980s and since have been spreading in large metropolitan cities. In Canada you will see wine bars mainly in Montreal but still, very few in Toronto. Bars, restaurants and coffee shops still outnumber wine counterparts by much.

I personally love the concept and recommend everyone to at least try. It is a great place to relax at before or after the dinner, great place to socialize and even meet new people.

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