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And here it goes… another night before clubbing – preparation. For people who club a lot, it could be quite a dilemma to pick something new and interesting from the closet. You end up standing and staring at the dress rack and thinking “Hmm… what can I do to add my look a new edge?”. Answer lies in ACCESSORIES. Yes, these little things can make a dramatic impact on how you look and give you that festive boost so necessary for a fun night. Plus, you want to stand out from the crowd, right?

Here are few things to consider:

–          Colourful shoes.  Whether heels or not, wearing bright colors such as pink, yellow, gold, silver, green, red with your favourite jeans or skirts will add party mood to your look. Black is Ok if you wear very bright clothing, but it won’t be noticed if it is on shoes. Go for color and remember, if you buy new – get covered toes to protect your pedicure and have color stand out.

–          Cute clutches. Little clutch is not only very functional, so you don’t need to worry about having your belongings close to you, but also, it is very pretty. When buying one, get something dazzling. You most likely won’t use it during the day anyway since it might be a bit too small for your wallet, hairbrush, cosmetics, photo camera, book etc. It will however be perfect for a club – all your small items (ID, cash, car key, hm J yes and that too….)  will fit in perfectly.

–          Hats. This is my favourite. You don’t have to wear it every time of course, but make sure you have a few different hats in your wardrobe. Romantic beret, elegant fedora or playful cocktail hat will complete your look and make you stunning.

–          Scarves. With many celebrities wearing scarves on any occasion and popularising them immensely over the past few years, you won’t go wrong from having your own collection. These very inexpensive pieces of accessory will make any of your most simple garment look dressy and unrecognisably fresh. Go for color, pattern, sparkle or even ethnic – have them all to go with the mood and party scale of the night.

–          Jewellery. Ok, I know, this is not for everybody. Chunky bracelets, massive earrings and long necklaces look really beautiful, but when it comes to really putting it on you may be not that excited. Well… when you feel that way, remember, these items will get you the most compliments, after the hat of course. Choose one nice accessory that completes your overall look and go for it. It will add festivity and mood to a party night.

Other items to consider are belts that will add style to simple dress and jeans; light shaded sunglasses will add celebrity look; broche will make your plain color jacket or top look more eveningish.

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First time in my life I visited Wine Bar in New York few years ago. Although name speaks for itself, wine bars are more than just bars that serve wine. In most cases, they exclusively serve wine for drinks, and also very yummy appetizer food.  Often there will be quite loud music, very dark lightning and because of rather small size you will experience home like atmosphere. Wine bars feel very cozy, and after few glasses of well selected wine, you will feel content.

The concept of wine bar is gaining popularity because of great business model. Wine has high margin and appetizer food does not require gourmet chef. Interior design tends to be simpler and size of the venue not large. If marketing was done right, wine bar will be packed even during the week. Wine bars also tend to attract regulars, people returning from work, friends meeting for a chat and also couples, coworkers etc. On the other hand, wine bars suit very large age category and status. High survival rate means growing trend. Some business owners switch to wine bars or open wine bar in addition to the restaurant business.

Historically wine bars have been popular in Europe since 18th century starting from Southern France, widely spreading across all central Europe throughout 19th century. It is part of a culture to drink wine in France and at the beginning such establishments were more for aristocrats or at least for not masses. With invention of beer and import of coffee, pubs and coffee shops took over mainly due to price. In United States wine bars started to appear in 1980s and since have been spreading in large metropolitan cities. In Canada you will see wine bars mainly in Montreal but still, very few in Toronto. Bars, restaurants and coffee shops still outnumber wine counterparts by much.

I personally love the concept and recommend everyone to at least try. It is a great place to relax at before or after the dinner, great place to socialize and even meet new people.

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We have been hitting a lot of clubs lately and over time came to a very interesting realization – 70% of all people who go out are single! In fact it appears that sole purpose of going out, to night clubs specifically, is to get a partner. Girls come to pick guys, guys come to pick girls, or guys to pick guys, girls pick girls. By “picking” I mean, pick as a short-term or long-term partner. Almost no people come with what it seems a partner – boyfriend or girlfriend. And those who are not alone are often at early state of the relationships.

Is it that after we hook up with somebody, we no longer like to dance to loud music with couple of drinks?

One reason could be because when people are not very close, clubbing atmosphere takes attention away from negative sides of appearance and personality. Unless you are a good observer, it is unlikely that you’ll learn a lot of depth about a character, career and even appearance of someone you just met in a club. Because of the lighting and fun music, you’ll likely be more attracted to that person. Girl will look at her best with all that makeup, cute little dress and high heels. Or at least she will pick her best clothing and make her hair so you’ll like it. Meet her on the street next day, you may be surprised what you see. Guys will likely have nice perfume and dress shoes on. If not, at least they will have their favourite clean shirt and smile on. Mood is also important. In club your mood is good. You have a few drinks, chat with friends and get into a playful mood which adds to impression of meeting new people.

And this all good, great in fact. But, what happens after you get closer to your partner. Why clubs is no longer cool? Good reasons are that you find entertainment in something less public – watching a movie together, go shopping, travelling. You will still go out, but more to lounge type of venues, restaurants, wine bars that let you concentrate more on talking and listening.

So, my conclusion is:  clubs  – perfect for dating, lounges and wine bars – for deep level of relationships, comedy clubs – for very long time relationships that need a boost hehehe…

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