Is UtoldUs a dating site?

Posted: August 15, 2009 in Dating
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Some people ask if UtoldUs is a dating site. The answer to this is that we do not promote it as a dating site, but it does have all the functionality to let users find a date, true love, marriage or just a party buddy. So, UtoldUs could be a great dating tool and if you have found luck here, we would love to hear about that.

Many people like to have some way to break the ice to talk to person that they never met before. The say “Hi” feature will be helpful. You can first say Hi and then see how the other person responds. Then you can try to add a person as your party buddy. We recommend you change the text of the party buddy invite to appear more unique and caring.

UtoldUs datingYou also can search for potential friends via Member Search. There are lots of options in advanced search and you can choose location, age, what music, lifestyle and party places preferences you would want your new friend to have.

Each profile will also hopefully have a photo and more information filled in about the person such as going out habits in addition to lifestyle.

Some people also like looking through fan lists of clubs they are going out to. Chances are you can meet other fans there and might as well become their party buddy on UtoldUs. Can you imagine how much easier it will be to have a first face to face conversation if you both are on UtoldUs and fans of the same club!

Be polite, proactive, nice and you will find your date. Try your luck and let us know how it’s going.

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