UtoldUs Professional Membership Why Join?

Posted: August 11, 2009 in UtoldUs Businesses & Professionals

If you are in business as DJ, promoter, dancer, live band, web site designer, security firm, interior design firm, construction company, marketing company, inventory management, cleaning services, liquor supply and any other business that works with clubs or wants to work with clubs then the Professional Profile is the one to go with. Benefits:

 –         Promote your business among the companies that you are doing business with. UtoldUs is a professional nightlife network for clubs and any other venues that are in the nightlife entertainment industry. They are here to look for people and hire people. You should join or you’ll miss the opportunity.

–         Get more exposure among your fans and friends for your business. Your fans are often not necessarily your customers. They can be just buddies of your business and know you from family, friends and your past professional life. UtoldUs gives them a chance to support you by becoming your UtoldUs Party Buddy and spreading news about you. 

–         Earn credibility among your future employers. At UtoldUs you can leave testimonials about clubs and clubs can leave testimonials about you. When clubs see good reviews about your business from their colleagues, they get thrilled… we don’t have to explain why this is good. Do we?

–         Create a real web page about your business in minutes. UtoldUs is very easy and fast to use. If you don’t have a website, you can have one right now by registering and putting all the relevant content about your business. Also, you can find some web designers on our site that can build an awesome site for you! If you have a website, read the next point.

–         Increase searchability of your website on the net. As we already told you earlier, inbound links is a key to gain success on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. UtoldUs gives you multiple ways to create inbound links to your own web site, thus increasing your searchability on the net.

–         Promote your business events. On UtoldUs you can create events and invite fans. Everyone visiting your page will also see your events and be able to share them with others. More people know about your events, more people come, isn’t it what you want when you create events?

–         Have some fun. UtoldUs is built to entertain not only your customers and fans, but also you! You should join and have fun communicating and marketing your business.

Sign up and start playing!

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