UtoldUs Club Membership Why Join?

Posted: August 11, 2009 in UtoldUs Clubs

If you are a night club, lounge, party bar, wine bar, pub, sports bar, comedy club or any other venue that is in the night entertainment business, UtoldUs Club Memberships is for you. Here are the benefits:

 –         Get exposure for your Venue on the Web. Even if you are already a member of similar networks, you should still join UtoldUs. The more exposure you have the more popular you are.

–         Deliver news to your fans in a cutting edge way. Since you are not likely to send flyers and direct e-mail to people who visit you at night because you don’t know who these people are, UtoldUs takes care of your communication channel by creating a direct bridge between you and your customers.

–         Get more fans. As people explore our site and become party buddies of each other, they will see your club on their fan list and add themselves to it too. In addition once you register, all party buddy and professional members in your city will receive automatic notification that you are now a member.

–         Make announcements about events and promotions in the most effective way. With one click of a button all your fans will receive news about events and promotions. They will then share them with other buddies and keep spreading the news.

–         Increase searchability of your own web site on the net by creating inbound links to your site. As you may know, to become more searchable on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others, inbound links from other sites is a key. UtoldUs has multiple ways to create inbound links through our features, thus giving you ways to advertise your own website.

–         Recruit good people. On UtoldUs you can post employment opportunities at your club and everyone, even non-members can see it. You can also take advantage of UtoldUs communication tools to interact with Business & Professional members to do business with them. You can get a lot of information about them from our site.

–         Sustain your “cutting edge” image by becoming our member. You customers are now using Internet to communicate with their friends and through UtoldUs they can now communicate with you. Membership is free. Our site is very easy to use and takes literally minutes to set up.

–         Have some fun. UtoldUs’ sole purpose is to give people a way to have more fun. More fun communicating, more fun going out, more fun marketing your venue. Don’t take everything too serious, work can be fun too!

Sign up and start playing!

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