UtoldUs Party Buddy Membership Why Join?

Posted: August 10, 2009 in UtoldUs Party Buddies

Ok, do you like to party or do you not? UtoldUs will make it so you like to party. At least, you will get a chance to see how others party. Here are other benefits:

–         Support your favorite clubs, bars, pubs, lounges, wine bars, etc. They join this site so they can become closer to you. They work hard for you and exist to create entertaining experience for you. By joining and adding them to your fan lists you support them by increasing their popularity on our lists.

–         Discover new places in your city and cities you visit. At UtoldUs you can learn more than just the fact that club exists in location of you interest. You can discover a lot fun facts about clubs and be more confident when going to party there such as what kind of people you can meet, how to get in, what are the rules, environment, music, atmosphere etc.

–         Be first to know about events and promotions your favorite clubs organize. There is nothing wrong about being the first to know is there?

–         Meet new friends that share same interest. You can learn more about people who go out to the same clubs as you. You can make new friends, party buddies, relationships, marriages, list goes on. UtoldUs is a real social network that promotes face to face communication and you should take advantage of that.

–         Get jobs and build your career. Yes, UtoldUs is not only for partying. You can actually be first to know about jobs our member clubs post. You can know more about your prospect employer and show that you support them when you hang out on our site.

Sign Up now and start playing!

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